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Power Transmission Belts & Pulleys


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V & Wedge Belts

Belt characteristics ensure high performance in heavy duty, continuous run applications.

Polycholorprene wrapped for fire resistance in the event of slippage. Available from 250mm to 160m in circumference.

Cogged Belts

Top fabric layer included for lateral stiffness with stringent dimensional and lateral stiffness.

Highly resistant to oil, heat, dust and cracking. High flexibility for applications involving smaller pulley diameters.

Also available in variable speed belt construction.

Timing Belts & HTD Belts

Oil, heat and abrasion resistant.

Standard timing belts must be specified by length, pitch and width (all in inches).

Urethane timing belts are specified in metric, they have steel tension members bonded to a urethane body.

High Torque (HTB) timing belts are available, designed with an alternative tooth profile for high torque and high power/low speed applications. High power transmission is effective over a wide speed range.


Available as taper lock or pilot bore for a huge variety of applications.

Some pulleys have anodised finish to improve grip and thus transmit more power.